Videos & Resources

Important Fracking Videos:
Rachel Maddow on Frackquakes in OK
Rachel Maddow on Frack Mess and Earthquakes in Texas
Deceptive Ads by the industry
Rachel Maddow on radioactivity
Frack well explodes in Greene County, PA
Jon Stewart on frack fires and pizza payoffs
Pipelines and spills
This Is Our Country – Bakken Oil Field
– Short Videos on Climate Change – and

Important Fracking Resources:
Illinois fracking law has big loophole, environmentalists say
Strata-X Info

– Arctic Methane Emergency Group

Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come

Climate Change: More Violence, Less Food, and Embarrassment for Political Leaders

Paul Beckwith ~ We have entered an abrupt climate change phase

Number of quakes on increase in Ohio, elsewhere since 2010, March 17, 2014
Ohio earthquakes rattle up concerns about fracking (LA Times), March 12, 2014
Injection Wells Spawn Powerful Earthquakes – New research shows how human activity deep underground combines with natural earthquakes far away to set off potent local temblors, 7/12/13

– Radioactive ‘Oil Socks’ Found Illegally Stockpiled In Abandoned North Dakota Gas Station, March 12, 2014
Radioactive North Dakota oil waste found; officials calling for action, 2/25/2014

– The Most Dangerous Chemical You’ve Never Heard Of, 8/15/13

How Fracking Destroys the American Dream, March 20, 2014 – Resource Media


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