SB3329 – Protect Illinois Taxpayers from Industry-related Liability

Check the status of this bill: SB3329


  • The insurance provisions in the current Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act, (HFRA), are not adequate. The statute does not specifically define the types and amounts of insurance needed to protect the State from expenditures related to fracturing operations.
  • The types of insurance and amounts recently put into effect in Dallas, TX, are specific and generally higher in amount than those in the Illinois statute. They have been cited as the best in the nation (Source: Dallas City Ordinance – SEC. 51A-12.106. INSURANCE AND SECURITY INSTRUMENTS).
  • In comparison to other states, such as Ohio, the bonding requirements in HFRA are too low.
  • A study completed by the Environment New York Research and Policy Center found that the negative impacts of fracking on our environment and health come with heavy “dollars and cents” costs. Their report documents those costs – ranging from cleaning up contaminated water to repairing ruined roads and beyond. “The Costs of Fracking”,   These costs will end up on the backs of Illinois taxpayers unless the bonds and insurance required of the fracturing corporations are sufficient to cover their liability in the case of accidents, blowouts, fires, induced seismicity, worker’s injuries or death, truck accidents, water contamination, and other incidents known to be caused by fracturing operations.

Purpose of the bill:

  • To add specific insurance requirements for workers’ compensation, employer’s liability, business auto liability, commercial liability for well operation accidents, environmental impairment or pollution legal liability, control-of-well (control of wild well), and insurance requirements for contractors and/or subcontractors, using the Dallas, TX city ordinance as a model.
  • To increase the bond required from $50,000 to $100,000 per permit per well for first 10 wells; $50,000 per permit per well starting with well eleven and increases the blanket bond from $500,000 to $1,000,000.


  • Make our Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act as good as the best in the nation – Dallas, TX.
  • Make the industry responsible for expenditures related to the negative effects of fracturing – Illinois taxpayers should not be stuck with the bill!
  • Please co-sponsor and support SB3329.

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