Fracking Related Illness – Resources

Top 20 Health Concerns Related to Fracking
10 Most Toxic Ingredients Used In Coal, Oil and Gas Production
EARTHWORKS | Sources of Oil and Gas Air Pollution

Drilling for Certainty: The Latest in Fracking Health Studies
Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project
Concerned Health Professionals of NY » Peer Reviewed
Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy: Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy, 10-part Continuing Medical Education courses on potential acute and chronic medical effects, injuries, and disabilities associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing of shale.
Collaborative on Health and the Environment – Fracking: Implications for Human and Environmental Health
Impacts of Fracking

Maternal and Infant Health
Center for Environmental Health: 6-part webinar series on fracking impacts on maternal health

Paulson, Jerome, 2014, “Unconventional Natural Gas Extraction and Special Vulnerabilities for Children,” webinar hosted by the Center for Environmental Health on April 21, 2014

Huffling, Katie, 2014, “Susceptibility During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know,” Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, webinar hosted by the Center for Environmental Health on May 5, 2014

Kwiatkowski, Carol, 2014, “Natural Gas Development, Public Health, and Protecting the Most Vulnerable Populations,” The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, webinar hosted by the Center for Environmental Health on April 21, 2014.


Health Impacts Around Fracking Operations for Natural Gas

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange:
Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective
Health effects of chemicals in natural gas operations (Spreadsheet)



Earthworks, 2013, Reckless Endangerment in the Eagle Ford Shale: Government fails, public health suffers and industry profits from the shale oil boom.

Faulkner County Citizens Advisory Group, 2013, Independent air tests at Mayflower Hill, a report.

Federman, Adam, 2014, Hazardous Cargo: Shipping Highly Flammable Bakken Crude Oil by Rail, Earth Island Journal, summer 2014.

Jamail, Dahr, 2011, The pipeline of ‘poison’. Al Jazeera English, Oct. 17.

Michigan Dept. of Community Health, 2010, Acute Health Effects of the Enbridge Oil Spill, rev. Dec. 20, 2010.
Savage, Karen, 2013, No relief in sight for Alabama community sickened by chemical spill, Bridge the Gulf


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