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Please Take 4 Actions To Block Fracking in IL by Thurs, Nov 6th

The historic People’s Climate March in NYC drew the line – the climate scientists have told us that 80% of the known carbon reserves must stay in the ground or it is “game over” for the planet. The fracking industry is the new carbon polluter in town, please say “no” to their devastating plans for IL.

JCAR, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, (12 IL Reps and Sens), can block the fracking industry for up to 180 days by prohibiting the rules for fracking at their next meeting, Thur, Nov. 6th. Prohibiting means the rules will go back to the IDNR, (IL Dept. of Natural Resources), for further work. The rules for fracking are NOT going to keep Illinois residents safe. They are inadequate on many levels, but particularly insufficient for: dangerous induced earthquakes, radioactive waste water and debris, carcinogenic air pollution including silica sand, water contamination, and the industry’s chemical “secrets”. Also the fines for violations are a pittance. JCAR has postponed this vote 2 times already – they are aware of the controversy around some of the dangers of fracking.

The frackers are trying to gut the rules right now in closed door sessions. We say, “No to back room deals – bring the rules out to the light of day and start public hearings – listen to the scientists and seismologists and not the polluters and profiteers!”

Please do 4 things to block fracking in the next week:

1) Call all 12 JCAR members – You do not have to be their constituents – Please tell them:

“I am a resident of Illinois and I am deeply concerned about fracking. Prohibit the rules and bring this process out under the watchful eyes of the public. Thousands of IL residents have already shown you that they care deeply about the risks of fracking, including dangerous earthquakes in the active earthquake zones of the New Madrid and Wabash Valley in Southern Illinois. The fracking industry causes earthquakes, and this is an unacceptable risk! We say “no” to gutting the rules in closed door sessions. We care about our air, water, food and the future of our children on this planet. You have a duty to protect our climate from the methane that will inevitably leak from every well, pipe and tank, and to protect Illinois from earthquakes, radioactive waste, air and water contamination, and chemical secrets. Vote for the health, welfare and safety of the people of Illinois over the profits of the industry. Please prohibit the rules for fracking and send them back to the IDNR for improvements.”

Contact info is listed here: and on the back.

2) Please attend the next JCAR meeting on Thur, Nov 6th at the Michael A Bilandic Building, 160 North LaSalle St, Chicago, IL – 10:45am – meet in front of the building on LaSalle st. – please bring your friends, we would like to pack the meeting room for the – 11:30am JCAR meeting, Rm 600 C. More info is at; or contact

3) Sign and pass this petition – “JCAR members – Please prohibit the rules for fracking in IL
If you are a member of an environmental / community / business / not-for-profit organization, please have your organization sign onto the petition as well.

4) Please Go Online and Sign a petition to Ban Fracking in the Active Earthquake Zones of IL!

This is the urgent issue right now – don’t let the politicos on JCAR, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, green light frackquakes in the active earthquake zones of the New Madrid and Wabash Valley in Southern IL. Can they cause a “Big One” – yes they can!

(This petition is up at the top post on Frack Free Illinois on FB).

Thanks for making these calls, spreading the word, attending the events, and educating your friends and family about fracking. And thank you for all you do for our environment!

Frack Free Illinois

“Renewable Energy – Yes, Fracking – No. Green Jobs are Better Jobs!”




SEN. PAMELA ALTHOFF R 815/455-6330

SEN. TONY MUÑOZ D 773/869-9050

SEN. SUE REZIN R 815-220-8720

SEN. DALE A. RIGHTER R 217/235-6033


REP. GREGORY HARRIS D 773/348-3434

REP. LOUIS I. LANG D 847/673-1131

REP. DAVID L. LEITCH R 309/690-7373

REP. DONALD L. MOFFITT R 309/343-8000

REP. ANDRÉ THAPEDI D 773/873-4444