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Getting Methane From Coal – A Dirty Business!

The Coal Industry is getting into the methane business!
Coal Bed Methane vs UCG, Underground Coal Gassification

With the Nuclear industry conducting an orchestrated campaign to kill Wind and Renewable Energy Standards in many states, and trying to be declared a “carbon free energy” in the new Carbon Rules, and then probably throwing their renewable energy credits and carbon credits as a lifeline to coal and natural gas – this coal bed methane and “gassification” is what we will get here in IL.

Fracking Coal Beds For Methane will be an issue here in Illinois very soon. There is plenty of coal in IL, all the way up to Des Plaines. They apparently drill into the seam and then use steam to get the methane to release from the coal bed and then separate out the methane from the produced water.

There we go again with bringing up toxic produced water – how nasty is this stuff? Does it get into the water table? Will it cause sinkholes and earthquakes?

CBM: Coalbed Methane News, Markets and Resources: Oil & Gas Financial Journal

Coalbed methane on Wikipedia

Underground Coal Gassification, (UCG) – Gas is produced and extracted through wells drilled into the unmined coal–seams. Injection wells are used to supply the oxidants (air, oxygen, or steam) to ignite and fuel the underground combustion process. Separate production wells are used to bring the product gas to surface. The high pressure combustion is conducted at temperature of 700–900 °C (1,290–1,650 °F), but it may reach up to 1,500 °C (2,730 °F).

Listen to this, then please look at the IL map:
They will literally start the coal seams on fire, the same type of coal seam fires that are polluting our atmosphere.
Can they control it? Can they capture the CO2? Does it pollute the water? Sinkholes and Earthquakes?

Underground Coal Mine Fires – Sapient-Horizons

Coal seam fires (and some natural gas fires) are the forgotten environmental tragedy.

There was a recent call from the ISGS for old maps of all the coal seems — this is a clue that they are going to be rolling this out in IL!

Illinois State Geological Survey Coal Mines in Illinois Viewer (ILMINES) | ISGS


Do we want a Carbon Free/Nuclear Free/Fracking Free/Tar Sands Free Renewable Energy future?

Yes! Unfortunately, the “Unholy, Dirty Trinity” of Nuclear, Fracking and Coal is working to block renewable energy.

All environmentalists are now in the same boat together – the anti-nukers, anti-frackers, anti-coal ers, and anti-oil ers must come together in defense of Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Hydro – the real renewables. The “Unholy, Dirty Trinity” of Nuclear, Fracking and Coal have linked their fates –
Nuclear Energy Rising At The Expense of Renewable Power

The key is that Nuclear appears to be trying to get itself declared as a renewable energy source in the coming “Carbon Games”, (the EPA carbon rules, the state renewable portfolio standards, and the state based carbon trading schemes), and throw their Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Trading Credits as a lifeline to the Frackers and to Coal.

Plus the “Unholy, Dirty Trinity” is trying to stall/maim/kill renewable energy portfolio standards in many states, as they did recently in Ohio – winning a 2 year delay, Governor signs bill delaying renewable-energy goals

Read how the attack on Ohio’s renewable energy standard came from ALEC, this articles does not mention the Nuclear connection, but it is there in the mix:
ALEC Attacks Ohio Renewable Energy Standard, Local Newspapers Fail to Show Fossil Fuel Connection

Here in Illinois, this spring, we got a “stall” on our “Fix” to our Renewable Energy Portfolio thanks to the Nuclear Industry, plus we got a “We Love Nuclear” bill, HR1146: Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status for HR1146

Nuclear also plans to suck the financing/subsidies out of the room making it less viable for renewable energy projects to survive.
The Cost of Nuclear Power: Numbers That Don’t Add Up | UCSUSA

Below are 2 fact sheets on Nuclear being “Dirty Energy” and a link to a great summary article with videos. The upshot — Nuclear power plants are dirty during the entire life cycle of the fuel, processing, at the plant, and in the “forever” storage of nuclear waste. Also Nuclear power plants release radioactive gases everyday, into the atmosphere, that do not go away, as part of routine operations. Nuclear ain’t sustainable – not if we want to continue to live on this planet!

Nuclear Energy As A Direct Cause Of Global Warming
Nuclear Power Can’t Stop Global Warming
A flyer with this information

The NYC Climate Rally, March and Convergence on Sept 20th – 21st is growing into a huge outpouring of pro-Renewable Energy sentiment – there will be at least 3 days of actions. Please join us in NYC with messages of solidarity with all of the enviro groups for “Real Renewable Energy” over Nuclear, Fracking, Oil and Coal!
A Call to Arms: An Invitation to Demand Action on Climate Change

Ready to march? Sign up for the March here.

The NY Climate March on Facebook

Is Fracking for Shale Oil or Natural Gas A Ponzi Scheme?

Credible Economists Are Calling Fracking a Ponzi Scheme

Engdahl: Shale Energy is a Ponzi Scheme

Econintersect: A shocking charge has been leveled by American-German freelance journalist, historian and economicresearcher F. William Engdahl. He says the purported shale gas (and oil) revolution is a fraud because the costs exceed the output. Engdahl maintains that the entire shale energy boom is a new Ponzi scheme organized by the same Wall Street banks who created the mortgage securitization fraud that enabled the U.S. real estate bubble. The scheme depends on high production volumes. These are obtained initially but subside dramatically faster than for conventional wells, according to Engdahl. Only a few insiders know this and are fleecing gullible investors, he says. Engdahl indicates strong evidence of the fraud is provided by Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK), the “premier shale gas exploiter“. 

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