To all IL fractivists,

Did you know that they are already fracking here in IL — in White, Wayne and Clay counties, there are close to 23 wells already being fracked. The Governor and IL lawmakers are pulling a fast one on the citizens — while they say, “don’t worry the rules for fracking are still under consideration at the IL Dept. of Natural Resources”, then they go ahead and let them frack with nitrogen, propane, or even Hydrofluoric Acid — all considered low-water fracking techniques, which are being permitted right now. There are no depths that Springfield will not go to for money!

Please continue to sign and pass our petition in favor of the
“Green Dozen” fracking bills in Springfield — these bills are designed to limit the extent of the damages from fracking here in IL, and one of them
SB3386, Bans Fracking.

We had a very successful lobby day last Thurs in Springfield for the fracking issue. We are starting to get co-sponsors on some of our “Green Dozen” fracking bills,
please call these Senators and thank them for signing onto our bills:
Sen. Delgado1-217-782 – 5652
Sen. Steans1-217-782 – 8492
Sen. Bush only signed onto the Earthquake bill, SB3492 and the Ban bill SB3386, so she could use a “Thank You” but also encouragement to sign onto the other 10 of the “Green Dozen” – I called her office so they know the bill numbers for the rest of the bills – 1-217-782-7353

All the Senators can also be reached by calling the switchboard at

We were also told by
–that they were considering signing up as co-sponsors — so calls to them encouraging them to do so are very helpful.

Sen. Kotowski is the sponsor for 2 of our bills, SB3492 and SB3562 — but he could sign onto the other 10 bills as a co-sponsor as well.

And Sen. Silverstein is the sponsor of 10 of our 12 bills — but he has not co-sponsored the other 2 bills, he needs to sign onto SB3492 and SB3562.

A thank you call to Sen. Harmon and to Sen. Jacobs for opening the door to subject matter hearings on fracking in the IL Senate Energy Committee are helpful, and you could ask that these Senators co-sponsor our “Green Dozen” bills as well.

Other Senators who are signed onto SB3424 — Sierra Club’s bill to protect the public lands from fracking are:
Tom Cullerton,
— these are all potential co-sponsors for our bills too — if you get a moment please call them as well.

Our “Green Dozen” bills can be found at

We also support the Sierra Club’s fracking bills, SB3424 and SB3181, which can be found at


One response to “To all IL fractivists,

  1. We should be investing in renewable energy!!! Relying on old energy bodes ill for the future!!!

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