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Frack Free Illinois
April 3, 2014

Dear Illinois Representatives and Senators,

Frack Free Illinois seeks your urgent support for the “Green Dozen” legislation on fracking – these bills will close serious and dangerous loopholes and flaws in the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act, HFRA, and will help to safeguard Illinois residents, land, air and water.

SB3492 Keep fracking out of active earthquake zones
SB3562 Properly handle fracking radioactive waste
SB3485 Redefine fracking so that all fracking methods will be covered by HFRA
SB3328 Safeguard the Mahomet Aquifer from fracking and fracking solid waste
SB3327 Establish safer setbacks from fracking operations
SB3484 Floodplains are unsafe for fracking until we know more
SB3330 Fully disclose fracking chemicals to physicians, 1st responders and patients
SB3326 All local jurisdictions should be able to consent to or deny fracking permits
SB3230 The industry should not get a “tax give-away”
SB3329 Increase bonds and insurance to cover costs of fracking impacts
SB3483 All property owners have the right of refusal of fracking on their property
SB3386 Don’t frack Illinois, slow down and investigate this dangerous technology

Unfortunately all of the “Green Dozen” have been assigned to a sub-committee of the Senate Energy Comm. by Sen. Mike Jacobs. It is imperative that the trajectory of these bills changes – we deserve a full debate and passage of all of these bills, before the inevitable, fracking-related catastrophes begin in our state.

Permits are being issued right now for frack wells in IL, taking advantage of a serious loophole in HFRA – fracking with less than 300,000 gals of fluid, (that is fracking with hazardous substances such as hydrofluoric acid, nitrogen, propane and other gels, foams and gases), falls out of the regulatory statute. Even if the rules proposed by the IDNR are completely rewritten, there will still be dangerous gaps in the regulatory framework.
Truly adequate rules cannot be written from an inadequate statute.

Climate change is worsening more rapidly than any of the climate scientists imagined and fracking for oil and natural gas exacerbates climate change greatly, with the leaking of significant methane, (a potent green house gas), from hundreds of thousands of wells. It also continues our reliance on the fossil fuels that have driven the world to the brink of a global crisis. The younger people of this state and country understand this and they are not going to sit back and take the destruction of their planet lightly – be prepared to face a growing movement to ban fracking.
We also support SB3424, (no fracking on public lands), and SB3181, (use some of the production tax for renewable energy projects and for cleaning up oil and gas pollution), and are hopeful that they are allowed out of the subcommittee and onto the floor of the Senate.

Frack Free Illinois encourages your strong support for HB2864/SB103, which allows for a no-cost fix to ratepayers for the Renewable Energy Standard, (RPS). These bills will promote renewable energy development and create green jobs.

We also support:
HB5866 (Energy Resources Fund)
HB5939 (Coal and PetCoke Regulations)
HB4599/SB343 (A ban on the sale and use of coal tar sealant)
HB5660 (Removes the legal mandate requiring the IDCEO to provide coal education)
SB1666 (Labels Genetically Modified Foods)
We strongly oppose:
HB2759 and HB5295 (Oil and NG drilling on Highway Lands)
HB5567 (Oil and NG permit petitions)
HB6007/SB3417 (Repeal of the Nuclear Moratorium) And we oppose any “bail outs” for Exelon, which made their corporate choice to build expensive nuclear power plants without including the public in those decisions, and now must live in the “free-market” which they helped create in the late 90s.
HB5849 (Increases the amount of hazardous lead and air pollution allowable from eligible sources)
HB4226 (Establishes a hunting season on bobcats in IL)

Environment Illinois, the Eco-Justice Collaborative, Progressive Democrats of Illinois, Illinois Peoples Action, Citizens Against Ruining the Environment, Nuclear Energy Information Services have endorsed all of our Green Dozen bills.

The Sierra Club endorses 10 out of 12 bills:
 SB3485-Redefine Fracking, SB3326-Local Control, SB3492-Earthquakes, SB3562-Radioactivity, SB3328-Mahonet Aquifer, SB3484-Flood Plains, SB3327-Setbacks, SB3330-Chemical Disclosure, SB3483-Protect Property Owners, SB3230-End Tax Give-Away

The Mahomet Valley Water Authority endorses SB3328, the Ban on Fracking in the Mahomet Aquifer.
And many environmental groups around the state endorse the Ban on Fracking, SB3386.

Senators – please co-sponsor the “Green Dozen” and encourage Sen. Mike Jacobs to allow them to move out of his subcommittee.

Representatives – please encourage the leadership of both chambers to allow these bills to move forward.

______________________________, Zip Code _______________
Frack Free Illinois – Contact: Dr. Lora Chamberlain,, 773-486-7660

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