The Green Dozen

1) Please call or visit your IL Rep and Sen 1-217-782-2000, ask them to support all of these “Green Dozen” fracking bills.  The following senators are part of the Energy Committee:

Senator Mike Jacobs
Senator David Koehler
Senator James F. Clayborne, Jr.
Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins
Senator Gary Forby
Senator Michael W. Frerichs
Senator Iris Y. Martinez
Senator Antonio Muñoz
Senator Michael Noland
Senator Martin A. Sandoval
Senator Donne E. Trotter
Senator Patricia Van Pelt
Senator Sue Rezin
Senator Kirk W. Dillard
Senator Karen McConnaughay
Senator Matt Murphy
Senator Dale A. Righter
Senator Chapin Rose
2) Join Frack Free Illinois in Springfield for our lobby day on April 3rd, contact us at and the event page:

For questions or to volunteer please call 773-486-7660.

3) Your organization can endorse the “Green Dozen” fracking bills, drop us a note at 

4) Or join us on our Sunday night state-wide conference calls at 7pm, 1-605-477-2100 pin 458604# – thanks!

Click on bill numbers to check the status of our bills and bills we support. Click on the bill name to read the lobby sheet.

Make Fracking Safer:

SB3492 Safeguard Illinoisans in the Active Earthquake Zones – Say “No” to fracking and disposal of waste water in IL active earthquake zones, the New Madrid and Wabash Valley. OK went from 50 earthquakes a year to 3000 last year – most fracking related.

SB3562  Protect Illinois from Radioactive Waste – Fracking waste water and debris is often radioactive, the industry should test all of their waste and if + they should dispose of it as Low Level Radioactive Waste, (LLRW).

SB3485 Fracturing Redefined – There is a huge loophole in the regulations, fracking methods such as nitrogen, propane and hydrofluoric acid are not regulated or taxed.

SB3328 – Safeguard the Mahomet Aquifer – Suspend fracking in the Mahomet Aquifer, the source of drinking water for over 1,000,000 Central Illinoisans.

SB3484 Flood Plains are Unsafe for Fracturing – Say “No” to Colorado-style contamination in Illinois flood plains.

SB3330 Patients and the Medical Community Deserve Full Chemical Disclosure – Make sure all fracking chemicals are disclosed to the medical community and emergency responders. Public health should trump “trade secrets”.

SB3327 – Shield Illinoisans with Improved Setbacks – Increase the distance from fracking to homes, schools, hospitals and livestock operations to 1500ft — If Dallas, TX can pass 1500 ft setbacks then Illinois can too.

Make Fracking Fair:

SB3326 Allow Consent from All Local Jurisdictions, and Create a Fair Permit Challenge Process All local governments, including counties, should be able to consent (or not consent) to fracking permits. Increase the permit challenge process to 90 days at the IDNR.

SB3483 Safeguard Illinois’ Property Owners from Industry Trespassing – Make sure all Illinois landowners are informed and give consent for fracking on their legally-owned property.

SB3230 End the Production Tax 2-year “Give Away” – The Oil and NG industry does not need a 2 year “grace period” on taxes.

SB3329 – Protect Illinois Taxpayers from Industry-related Liability – Increase and specify industry insurance requirements, and increase the bonds. When the fraccidents start happening here in IL – don’t let the frackers skip town.

Protect Illinois From All Of The Above:

SB3386 Ban Fracking and Enhance the Investigative Task Force – New horrific fracking revelations, findings and incidents are happening in states across the country every day. Let’s learn from their mistakes!

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